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Winter 2017 Global Goodness Award Winner

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The Cottage Potters φ is a unique concept in designing and producing high quality wheel thrown clay fired with wood fuel to approximately 1100 F (the temperature where the pottery becomes translucent like charcoal). The highly skilled potters have decades of experience and are more comfortable working from their own small cottages.  This concept also allows more control over all quality and a known cost that is passed on to the end user.  No flaws are accepted.

The styles encompass an eclectic mix from around the world.  Clay artifacts from museums are reproduced to the exact centimeter with only slight exceptions that naturally occurs in drying and firing.  Just as those found on display in museums, there are no two alike, there will always be slight variations in color and size (often these variables are less than a centimeter and are not noticed).

Various techniques are used for color.  As an example, the dead sea scroll pottery group has no color. The outcome is made possible by the laborious wet washing of each piece before it is fired in the kiln. Other colors are hand burnished and multiple colors are pushed into the clay pores with a tumbled or water washed smooth stone and hand rubbing to a luster.  Still other colors are the outcome of purposely stressing several layers and colors onto the piece (without layering multiple colors the piece will look very stark and the artist is unable to achieve the deep rich desired appearance).

Each of us, from the designers, potters, mentors, coaches, and packers believe that if we are consistent in our efforts the end user will know the story and history behind each piece of art they purchase.  They will have a deeper appreciation of the value.  It is for this reason that each piece contains an information sheet not only for the care of the product, but the history of the style and the back story of the artists involved in the processes.

Lastly, our marketing does not include expensive trade shows, travel, and other methods to introduce our product to the market.  It is direct from The Cottage Potters to the merchant without those added expenses.

I have learned after 20 years’ experience in this business and more than 20 years in the military that two primary questions must be answered: 1. Will the end user value the piece as much as we value the hard work and quality put into the production? 2. For the retailer, will the product sale as projected for a fair profit in a timely manner?

We fully believe the answer to these questions is, clearly, yes!

Our methods and techniques are driven by one common goal and pledge that is asked daily in the form of a question: What can we do today to make a difference in someone’s life?