Social Responsibility

We believe passionately that all businesses can adopt and live by a credo, in our case, we believe it essential, and we endeavor to live and work by these responsibilities.

Our first responsibility is to our customers and the end user.  We constantly strive to reduce cost while maintaining high quality.  Customer orders must be completed promptly and without back orders.

We are responsible to the people who make The Cottage Potters φ possible.  The designers, potters, and artisans who apply colors, must be considered as an individual.  We must respect their dignity and recognize their merit.  Each deserve the opportunity to make a fair profit.

We are responsible to the communities where we live and work. The Cottage Potters φ doesn’t end with the pottery.    We have adopted a program to assist women in distress. This program can best be explained by a real life example.  Often we hear of women who for one reason or another are alone and struggling to raise children.  One mother in a small village was abandoned with of five children to raise.  She works at a small cafe making tacos five days a week for 100 pesos a day (currently $5 USD today).  We want to give her the skills to earn more at home in her tiny cottage.  Highly skilled, talented, and experienced artesian mentors of both burnishing and other finishes work and train extensively to pass on their skills.  The outcome of this effort is not just new skills learned that boost income,  but often results in a new outlook and attitude on life.

The mature, successful, and compassionate mentors do not stop with passing their skills.  Often budgeting and social services our discussed.  We ask that their “day job” continue.  After all, they apply colors as orders arrive and we all know that there are no “certains” in our industry regardless of which end of the business work.  However, if we are persistent in our efforts and if we continue to care, we are confident orders will arrive.